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How To End Your Relationship With Cigarettes

When someone tells you to quit smoking, they make it sound easy. Quitting smoking is not easy because you have a long established relationship with cigarettes. It’s more than just an addiction; it’s a learned habit. Combining the addictive properties with the learned behavior makes quitting that much harder, but you can do it. Look at it as a relationship you have to end, because this partner is simply no good for you.

Recognize Your Attachment Problem

Above and beyond the chemicals your body processes when you smoke, your mind responds to the experience. Your fingers feel more comfortable with a cigarette between them, and your lips are quite accustom to puffing away. Mentally, you depend on smoking in many ways. It’s very important that you acknowledge the hold cigarettes have over you, in order to establish control over the situation.

Know When You Need Them

Cigarettes are no different from a person you turn to in times of need. When trouble erupts in life, there’s always someone you call for help or who will just listen to you complain. Understand your use of smoking, and try to find a substitute. While you don’t want to jump from the frying pan to the fire by picking up some other awful habit, you do want something tangible you can hold onto. Anticipate stress in your life and have a plan to head it off without lighting up.

Talk To Your Doctor For Help

While it’s primarily up to you and in your mind if and when you end your relationship with cigarettes, your doctor can really help you succeed. Ask him what products others are having the most success with. Ask him what he thinks you would personally do best with. Use the different cessation products to your advantage at the times you will need them most. Investigate the possibilities held by patches, gums and electronic cigarettes. Develop an arsenal to help you get over your attachment and addiction.

Join A Support Group

Having people to relate to is one of the most effective ways of getting over anything. Since you are trying to break up with cigarettes, why not seek the advice of others who’ve already done that? There are many support groups for people going through divorce and other hardships, and you are no different. You need help every step of the way during this separation and the more help you get, the better your chances will be for long-term success. Find a place to speak your mind and express the difficulties, a place where others will encourage you and tell you that you are worth going through all this trouble! Listen to people who have finally ended their dangerous relationship with cigarettes and be inspired to do the same yourself.

Ending your relationship with cigarettes will be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself. It could even save your life. Just like any other relationship though, breaking up is hard to do. Set yourself up for success in as many ways as you possibly can, then just take the plunge. Once the immediate hurdles are overcome, you will realize how right quitting this relationship was for you!